Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pakistan and Mumbai Feb 11, 2009

Pakistan's ISI problem
Boston Globe Editorial
February 11, 2009

Doubts mark Pakistan's crackdown on militants
USA Today
February 11, 2009

"To much of the world, Lashkar-e-Taiba militants are the killers behind the massacre of 164 people in Mumbai last November. To Pakistanis such as Atiq Awan, they're freedom fighters and do-gooders who help the poor."
Use official channels, India tells Pakistan
Economic Times
February 11, 2009

The Indian government has been exceedingly annoyed with the Pakistani government for sending messages to India through the media.

Pakistan Delays Report on Mumbai
WSJ February 10, 2009

The delay in issuing the probe's findings appears to reflect a conflict within Pakistan's government and its security services about how far the country should go in acknowledging the role Pakistanis played in the November gun-and-grenade rampage that left 171 people dead, including nine gunmen.

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