Friday, February 13, 2009

Arabs have betrayed the Muslims

Newstrack (India)

by Shoeb Hamid
New Delhi
Sat, 16 Jun 2007:

June 16: Seeing is half-believing, and when the exclusive footages of women crying and city burning are broadcasted on world’s free pss, dictated by market values and material benefits, there is but no doubt.

For decades Palestinians have been butchered, attacked, humiliated, massacred, their own land taken away from them. From a small newspaper office to a billion dollar corporate, the news is in the air and in the minds of thousands of people, who dare not to think about it.

Where are the images of little boys beaten outside their home, their helpless parents yelling out distress calls, where is the footage of thousands of men who were killed by the army, the intelligence agencies, and backed by the trillion dollar industry in another continent.

United Nations, with divided alliances and interests is silent, International Court is silent, Interpol is silent, Middle East is silent, even the whole world is silent, but why the Arabs. And today the league will arrange for special prayers, special gatherings and read their version of the gospel – “Hamas or no Hamas, there will be no mass uprising, no message coming out, no grievances from this place because. Because our interests are at stake.”

Arafat got a Nobel Prize, Abbas seems to be negotiating on much less and there will be a time when noting will be left to negotiate at. Oh! Poor Arabs, you lost it all.

So, that is how the story goes – The Arab League, the OPEC and much of the Middle East have been so occupied with their own issues and their own interests that they have forgotten that it’s the same Earth on which Adam (R.A) used to walk once.

There is one bond, a single connection that exists beyond the territorial borders. There is groupism, sects and sections, influenced by man, the society and the faith. And the civilizations will always be divided – this is the root philosophy practiced in most parts of the world. The world of politics is not run by sentiments but alliances do play a major role.

As an alliance, the Arabs have been a weak and may be partially misguided one. No doubt they have their representatives in many global agencies, but they don’t have a say, they don’t have a mission of their own, accept a handful of interests.

The Muslim world trusts them and expects them to be the leaders and role models. But their stand, the policies they have pursued and their masters’ say make us realize that they are too weak to stand or support anything. It is so unfortunate that conflicts in the Middle East have to be resolved by American and European continents. They just can’t help in any way and now they have proved it again. Arabs have betrayed Muslims and now the entire community is in disarray and living just for themselves.

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