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Bosnia chief Imam supports Wahhabis
February 8, 2009 – 8:39 pm

Bosnian MUslim chief Imam Mustafa Ceric has expressed his support for the growing Wahhabi brand of Islam in Bosnia and condemned those who are worried over the spread of this extremist islamic doctrine for “spreading islamophobia”.

“Those that are accusing us that their situation is bad because of Islam and the ‘new’ Muslims are joining the islamophobia that is us, Bosnian Muslims, old and new remind on the experience of the survived genocide,” said Ceric during the ISlamic prayer on Friday in the mosque in the eastern town of Sokolac.

Wahhabis have been reintroduced to Bosnia during the 1990s when Bosnian Muslims waged Jihad against Bosnian Christians and invited holy warriors from Middle East to Bosnia granting them citizenship and marrying them off with Bosnian Muslim women.


February 8, 2009

January 12,2009: Mullah Osman Musliu, chairman of the Islamic Community in Drenas in central Kosovo had been attacked and beaten by nine Wahhabi extremists
The Second Kosovo War Kosovo faces a new threat: Agents of the Saudi-financed, ultrafundamentalist Wahhabi Muslim sect have sparked open violence in Kosovo. This new conflict in ex-Yugoslavia comes after years of Wahhabi infiltration and provocation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Muslim areas in Macedonia and South Serbia, where they have made significant gains, as well as in Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo.
Taleban execute Polish engineer on video
From Times Online UK
The Sunday Times UK
January 18, 2009
Taliban’s punishment terrifies Pakistan
February 9, 2009
US presses Sri Lanka to drop Anti-Conversion Bill
Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)
Saturday, February 07, 2009
Thomas Malancheruvilla Christian Preacher held for disrespecting national anthem
February 2009
Sindh Today
It was Christian fundamentalism, cynicism and hypocrisy that killed Lasantha Wickrematunga
Saudi Arabia says only mosques allowed
Mohammad Alam, 38,A Pakistani factory Worker in Japan is arrested in the stabbing death of a 23 year old russian woman.

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