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Islamization of Australia: Auburn Leads the Way

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 16:27
Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari

Muslims sprayed a Hindu temple in Auburn Australia and struck terror into the hearts of Hindu devotees as their usual pattern of action in Islamizing the West...

The Sri Mandir temple in Auburn, the Australia oldest Hindu temple, is under the siege of Muslims and its devotees are gripped by fear. On March 19, two armed Muslim miscreants, standing at the intersection of a nearby road, sprayed the front of the temple's prayer hall with eight bullets. Fortunately the building was unoccupied at the time, which helped avoid casualties. This busy Hindu temple, opened in 1977, is surrounded by a predominantly Muslim population. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, tensions have been building in recent years between the temple and the mainly Muslim locals, allegedly for noise and parking problems. [1]

The trouble began earlier with acts of vandalism, including egg throwing and smashing of window-panes, with the Auburn police remaining silent. Despite the violence, authorities are reluctant to speak about it publicly due to cultural sensitivity.

Whatever the real motive for the attack, ''There is no excuse for the gun attack,'' says Rohit Revo, editor of the Sydney newspaper The Indian. ''This was not the work of teenager; neither was it a petty prank. This is part of a sustained and increasingly violent campaign to scare the temple devotees and drive them out. By definition, this latest attack was an act of terrorism'', added Revo.

The Sun-Herald reports that the ongoing feud has caused disquiet among some of the most senior police in western Sydney. In a rare move, details of the shooting were deliberately held back from the NSW police media unit because of concern that publicity might inflame hostilities... Many believe that Muslims are trying to occupy the temple land by terror and intimidation for building a mosque at the site.

Located 19 kms from the centre of Sydney, Auburn has a greatly diversified population of Turkish, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Somali, Sudanese, Bosnian, Afghan, Chinese and Indian immigrants. According to Wendy Larkson, the area is gradually becoming Muslim dominated. “If you walk around Auburn you will see many signs in Arabic, African immigrants and of course many hijabbed women walking past shops with names like ‘Medina Bakery’ and so on”. [2]

Auburn is home to the Gallipoli Mosque, the first mosque in the Sydney locality, which opened for worship in November, 1979. It is also the largest Mosque in Australia today.

According to the 2006 census, approximately 1.71% of the total Australian population are Muslims. At present, the five most prominent religions in Auburn are Islam (40.9%), Catholicism (15.3%), No religion (10.3%), Buddhism (6.8%) and Anglican (3.6%). The dominance of Muslims is due to their influx into the area over the past decades leading to a demographic change and also a qualitative social change. In fact, Auburn was the first suburb in Australia in which security guards were introduced into supermarkets to patrol the aisles, because the burqa-clad women were engaging in too much stealing.

Problem with the Muslim immigrants

There is an unusual increase in Chinese presence in Auburn. While they may pose as nuisance over territorial battle, they will not create any major problem for the wider community.

The most dramatic has been the increase of Muslim population, who poses a serious threat for non-Muslims of the locality, which has been the case in so many areas in Western countries. In the UK, Muslims growing ten times faster than the rest of the population, which is attributable to (1) large scale immigration, (2) a higher birthrate through deliberate rejection of family planning measures, and (3) conversions of indigenous people to Islam.

It has been found to be a familiar phenomenon that wherever Muslims become dominant in the population in the West, they intensify jihadi violence and other unlawful activities. And they do it knowing well that the government would turn a blind eye to those activities because of religious and cultural sensitivities as well as not to lose their votes. The terror attack on the Hindu temple at Auburn is simply the manifestation of this pattern. In other incidents, a number of terror plots by Muslim radicals have been foiled in Australia. In a major terror plot, five men, Somali and Lebanese immigrant Muslims, were arrested in Melbourne in August 2009 for conspiring to commit a terrorist act. They were accused of targeting Sydney's Holsworthy military base. Police said the attack would have been the worst in Australian history.[4]

A rise in Muslim population also poses a serious threat to the cultural and social fabric of the host Christian country because of their refusal to get assimilated with the mainstream population. Instead, they not only want to retain their Muslim culture, values and identity, but also are hell-bent on making the indigenous population to conform to their culture and values. This is part of the Islam's aim of destroying all other religions so as to establish Islam as the supreme religion over the entire world (see Quran 8:39, 2:193).

The Auburn temple attack by Muslims is a typical pattern of Islamization as seen elsewhere in Europe and North America. And as Muslims engage in violence in Auburn, the leftist Labour government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard takes recourse of Muslim appeasement as expected by taking no action against the miscreants and by keeping mum about the serious issue fearing cultural and religious sensitivity.



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