Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kashmir students trained to wage jihad on India by Pakistan


November 04, 2010

Perhaps it is not Pakistan, the Muslims there think they should have had the whole of India!

Having already trained or supported these Taliban types ~ you would think they would have learned their lesson ~ once trained, the problem is controlling them.

In Islam, it would no doubt be acceptable to use jihad for political purposes.

Islamabad, 4 Nov.(AKI) - Hundreds of university students are being trained in militant camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir to wage jihad, or holy war, against India, according a report by the BBC's Urdu-language service.

A 25-year old engineering student from Lahore told the BBC that training is taking place in the Kashmir capitol of Muzaffarabad.

"A large number of young Pakistani and foreign university students are receiving training Pakistan occupied Kashmir, under supervision of a group that conducts jihad against India," the student said, underlining that most of the students in the camps come from Punjab while 20 percent come from Kashmir, with the remaining ten percent foreigners.

The student's statements contradict recent statements by Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik who denied reports about the existence of such camps.

Pakistan-administered Kashmir is claimed by India. The countries in 1947 fought a war over the area, which is referred to as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir by India.

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