Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Angana Chatterji maligns India again

India basher Angana Chatterji - has come out with specious and circumstantial report that tries to draw correlations between unmarked graves found in Kashmir and the Indian Government's campaign to end terrorism in that state. "There is bound to be a reasonable correlation between these graves and the people who have disappeared," claims IPT convener Angana Chatterji, with a straight face.

Anyone familiar with life in islamic countries knows that most graves of poor people are "unmarked."

Those who follow this person's career will remember that she was instrumental in getting Modi's visit to the US blocked, opposing the efforts by Hindus in California to correct the educational curriculum, misrepresenting the Christian violence in Orissa and is the author of "Violent Gods."

Angana Chatterji addressing the audience after receiving the award at the 2008 National Convention of the Indian Muslim Council - USA.

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