Sunday, January 11, 2009

Financial Crisis in UK increases reliance on astrology!

Credit Crunch in UK increases reliance on astrology!

By Sarah Hughes
11th January 2009
Daily Mail (UK)

The world becomes an increasingly depressing place during these late winter months. Each day brings more bad news, from a crumbling property market to growing financial insecurity and turmoil in the Middle East.

In such gloomy times, where's a girl to turn for even small crumbs of comfort? The answer, apparently, is towards the growing army of astrologers, psychics and clairvoyants for a peek into what the future might hold.

Here in the UK, websites such as and have noted increased hits since the markets began to falter in early 2008, while girls-about-town are clamouring to book appointments with psychics as part of their regular beauty treatments.

At Harrods' Urban Retreat, an hour with a professional intuitive or medium is £120, while at Selfridges you can have half an hour with a psychic sister for £80.

'I've had more clients since the credit crunch,' says astrologer Deb McBride. 'And most of them have asked about their financial situation and what the future might hold.

'In such situations I spend a lot of time telling clients not to be afraid to take risks. It's a difficult time for people and many of us are scared of the future.'

And it isn't only those with too much time on their hands who are looking to the stars for guidance. 'Most of my clients are professional women, many of whom do the sort of jobs in which you'd expect people to dismiss astrology,' says McBride.

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